Thumb sucking / Pacifier program

This program is designed for children of the age of 4 and above. Of course, an assessment can be made on those who are younger to determine the suitability.

The program is specifically designed for those who need a little bit of encouragement and an extra hand. We make a custom program suited to the child and their interests. We make it fun, we make them accountable and we aim for success.

An assessment is required to deem the needs and suitability. A program is then designed and treatment is usually for 3-6 dependent on the child.

Our objective is to ultimately correct poor tongue and muscle function to decrease the need for invasive treatment later on in life.

Length of Therapy

Length of therapy depends on the severity and nature of the disorder. In most cases, therapy is a short-term process with the active stage of weekly/fortnightly treatments for three to six months with quarterly appointments over six to 12 months.

Prior to Treatment

Prior to treatment commencing it is important to establish the issue at hand. A consultation appointment will be required, during this appointment a thorough assessment will be completed to ensure that a program is suitable and specifically designed to your needs, no two treatment programs will be the same.

If you are unsure, take advantage of our no obligation free assessment via telephone/skype